Druids have been enhanced in their heal role, focused on healing.
DoTs can be built to do significant damage.
Healer classes have an innate mana tap when they melee.
Points Spent: 0


Grants the Entrap AA, snaring the target. Mana cost increases across levels.
Rank 1 Snares by 41%-96%, 0 resist adjustment, 0.4% mana cost reduction.
Rank 2 Snares by 57%-121%, -50 resist adjustment, 0.8% mana cost reduction.
Rank 3 Snares by 57%-141%, -50 resist adjustment, 1.2% mana cost reduction.
Rank 4 Snares by 57%-141%, -85 resist adjustment, 1.6% mana cost reduction.
Rank 5 Snares by 57%-141%, -85 resist adjustment, 3.2% mana cost reduction.

One With Nature

Grants a passive where each time you are hit, 2% of the damage is converted into mana per rank.

Teleport Bind

Grants the teleport bind AA. Costs 85% of maximumum mana. Each additional rank decreases the mana cost by 15%.


Grants the Exodus AA, which has a base 5 second cast time. Each rank reduces casting time by 1 second.

Call of the Wild

Grants the Call of the Wild AA, causing enemies nearby to be stunned. Each rank reduces recast time by 300 seconds.

Secondary Recall

Grants Secondary Recall AA. Each rank reduces the recast time substantially, 1: 24hrs, 2: 18 hrs, 3: 12hrs, 4: 6hrs, 5: 3hrs.

Ring Affinity

Ring spells cast 5% faster and cost 10%% less mana.

Dire Charm

Charm animals from -10 to -5 of your level, based on rank. They get a pet-like adjusted stats, this is an experiment for future mage pet AI improvements.


Grants the druid an innate hp regeneration of Level * 0.2 hitpoints (minimum 2) per tick, a self only damage shield of 2, as well as any duration regeneration spells casted by the druid give 20% additional hitpoint regeneration per tick while in the same zone as the druid per rank.

Convergence of Spirits

Grants the Convergence of Spirits AA, giving a heal over time that heals for 0.5% of the target's max health per tick for 6 seconds. This also causes normal heals to be boosted by 5% per rank.


While an ally has Covergence of Spirits or Nature's Boon buff on them, they are granted a 1% death save chance, healing when triggered for 8000 hitpoints per rank.

Spirit of the Wood

Grants the Spirit of the Wood AA, which casts buffs scaled based on your level and the target's level.
Rank 1: STR
Rank 2: HP Regen
Rank 3: HP
Rank 4: Damage Shield
Rank 5: Doubles Duration

Spiritual Awakening

The druid gains a 300 mod proc that deals (level * 1.5 * 0.2) magic damage and melee hits tap 1 mana from the target.

Nature's Boon

Grants the Nature's Boon AA, where the target receives a buff that lasts 84 seconds, duration reduced by 12 seconds due to rank. When the buff fades, the target is healed for 20% of the druid's max mana. If Nature's Boon is removed early, it will heal for a portion based on duration buff lasted. This also causes normal heals to be boosted by 5% per rank.

Nature's Whisper

While a target is affected by Nature's Boon or Convergence of Spirits, the druid as well as the target regain 2% of any healing done from these spells as mana. per rank.

Nature's Guardian

Grants the Nature's Guardian AA, where 3% of the caster's max mana is infused by nature and can be transferred to a target or to the caster per rank.


When an enemy is affected by a DoT, it deals 0.7% more damage for each ally in group.

Lingering Pain

When a direct spell is casted, a 0 to 1 tick duration DoT will also affect the target if the spell casted was obtained within 15 levels of your current level per rank.

Focused Swarm

When standing nearby a mob, DoTs now deal 1% more damage for each ally in group. This damage bonus reduces by 10% for every 20m you're away from an enemy per rank.

Blessing of Ro

All Ro debuffs now spread to 0 to 1 additional enemies within 5m of an affected target if they are on the aggro list of the druid.

Whirling Disaster

Direct Damage spells now also stun for (0 to 1/2) seconds if the target is at least 5 levels below the druid.

Stinging Affliction

DoTs and Direct Damage spells have a % chance to critical hit per rank.

Deep Roots

When a root wears off, there is a % chance the target will be snared if it is not already per rank.

Nature's Blight

Grants the Lesson of the Devoted AA, causing the target to take 5% increased spell damage. 5 minute recast time, each rank reduces recast by 30 seconds..